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Book a 30-min meeting at our ISV Helpdesk and get expert advice on perfecting your AppExchange listing, tightening your security set-up, finetuning your elevator pitch and more.

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Where: Salesforce World Tour NYC
429 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001

When: Thursday, April 25th, 9-11am EDT

ISV Accelerators will do our best to accommodate all requests and will send final calendar invites Friday, April 19th. 

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Partner with Salesforce 

Practical guidance and tips on how you can make your business partnership a smash hit!

Surviving Security Review


Want to get your app through Security review the FIRST time? We’ll share best practices for getting it right, and what to expect once you hit “submit.” (Session delivered by Agile Cloud Consulting).

Fix my Pitch 

We'll give you tips and tricks to help make sure your message resonates with Salesforce sellers!

Drive Revenue with Storytelling

Learn how to stand apart, drive revenue, and sign new business by communicating your value and telling your story well. (Session delivered by Branch Road)

AppExchange Best Practices


Best practice guidance to be sure your listing is easily found by the right prospects!

Curious about V2MOMs?

Learn how this tool can bring focus to your company. It worked for  Salesforce  - and still does!


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